VIDEO: Turks re-discover 'State of Siege'

VIDEO: Turks re-discover 'State of Siege'

VIDEO: Turks re-discover State of Siege A famous scene from a 1972 French film has become a hit in Turkey, after the Turkish government blocked access to Twitter and then to Google DNS.

État de Siège (State of Siege), directed by Costa Gavras, explores the often brutal consequences of the struggle between the repressive government of a fictional South American country and leftist guerrillas.

In a scene that has been shared online by thousands of Turks in the past two days, security forces are seen destroying speakers one by one in a city square as Hasta Siempre, the famous revolutionary song, is defiantly played by guerrillas in response.

"You can silence this or that speaker, but what can you do about the song that still plays?" one Turkish Twitterer asked, defying the block and criticizing the government.

Here is the scene: