VIDEO: Tornado hits central Istanbul

VIDEO: Tornado hits central Istanbul

VIDEO: Tornado hits central Istanbul

DHA Photo

A new video of a non-supercell tornado over water that caused damage after it hit central Istanbul on Aug. 2 has been released.

The tornado was observed from the Kasımpaşa neighborhood while being formed over the waters of the Golden Horn. The footage, released by Doğan News Agency, was interrupted after the amateur cameramen stopped recording, as the tornado started moving toward their building, which suffered material damage soon afterwards.

At least three people were injured in traffic accidents across the city caused by rains and floods over the weekend.

Tornados are occasionally seen in southern Turkey, but very rarely in Istanbul.

After an extremely arid spring, unusual heavy rain hit Istanbul on June 2, causing local flooding and creating remarkable scenes, photos of which went viral on social media.

Another tornado had hit the eastern shores of the city on June 19, causing some material damage.