Two brothers kill runaway sister in front of police

Two brothers kill runaway sister in front of police

ADIYAMAN - Doğan News Agency
Two brothers kill runaway sister in front of police

The father (L) and younger brother(R) of victim Hacer Akçal were standing in grief by her grave in Adıyaman. AA photo

A runaway 21-year-old woman was allegedly stabbed to death by her two brothers in the presence of three police officers Dec. 28 when she returned to her father’s shop to retrieve her belongings.

The two brothers, Üzeyir Akçal, 23, and M. Akçal, 16, were arrested by the police in the stabbing of Hacer Akçalı, while five other family members who were initially taken into custody were subsequently released after providing statements.


The Adıyaman Governor’s Office also launched administrative and judicial investigations into the three officers who had been entrusted with escorting Hacer Akçalı, who later died in Kahta State Hospital, according to reports.

Governor of Adıyaman Ramazan Sodan announced that the three police officers were laid off from their duties.

Hacer Akçalı reportedly arrived at the Kahta District Police Headquarters on the afternoon of Dec. 28 and said her family was mistreating her. The prosecutor’s office consequently issued a directive for her to be taken into protection.

Hacer Akçalı had fled her home before, but was eventually located in the southeastern province of Şanlıurfa; police returned her to her parents on Sept. 17.

On Dec. 28, the woman said she had been locked up in a room and subjected to violence after coming back home in September and added that she feared for her life.

Meanwhile, nongovernmental organization “We Will Stop the Murdering of Women Platform” issued a press release announcing plans to stage country-wide demonstrations to protest a recent draft bill that will only provide protection from violence to women who are formally engaged, wed or divorced.
A clause regarding “those involved in a close relationship” was removed from the motion, effectively excluding women who are subjected to violence by partners with whom they have no legal bonds of marriage.