Turks consume 8 kilos of pasta a year

Turks consume 8 kilos of pasta a year

Turks consume 8 kilos of pasta a year

The demand for pasta in Turkey has increased by 20 percent amid the coronavirus pandemic, with Turks consuming some 8 kilos of pasta annually, according to a survey released by the Turkish Pasta Industrialists’ Association.

With this rate, Turkey sat in eighth place on the list of countries consuming pasta in 2021.

The association announced a target to increase this rate by 5 percent to lead Turks to eat 8.4 kilos annually in the upcoming years.

The survey showed that Turks prefer rotini, a spiral-shaped pasta, the most. Then comes the farfalle and bow tie pasta. Spaghetti is at the bottom of Turks’ “pasta choices.”

While Turks may not mostly eat spaghetti but it sells it the most.

Some 80 percent of some 1.3 million tons of pasta that Turkey exported to 160 countries last year was spaghetti.

The economical value of the Turkish pasta sector reached around 1 billion Turkish Liras last year, with some 50,000 people working in the business.