Turks ask top court to probe aliens, stop dominance in football

Turks ask top court to probe aliens, stop dominance in football

Turks ask top court to probe aliens, stop dominance in football

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Turkish citizens have applied to the country's Constitutional Court to investigate aliens from outer space and stop the three-club dominance of the country’s football, daily Radikal reported today. 
A constitutional amendment that was approved by the Sept. 12, 2010, referendum is opening the way for Turkish citizens to apply to the Constitutional Court and file complaints against state practices. The new practice is set to begin Sept. 23, 2012, but complaints have started to come in, although some are completely irrelevant to the court's authority. 
One citizen complained that he was being followed by aliens via electronic equipment and consequently requested that the court "immediately" act on it. The complainant said the incident constituted a "violation of private life." 
Another complaint requested the court to stop Turkish football’s "Big Three" – Fenerbahçe, Galatasaray and Beşiktaş – from consistently winning the top division championship. The three teams hold the highest number of titles in Turkey's Super League, hence their collective nickname. The complainant said the domination of the league by the three teams was a violation of the rights of the team he supports. 
The complaints were rejected by the court as they were not in accord with the intended purpose of allowing citizens to file claims with the court, officials said, adding that even if they had met the criteria, they would have been rejected because they were filed before Sept. 23.
Court to publish guide pamphlet

As a result of the increasing number of irrelevant complaints, the Constitutional Court has decided to publish a guide pamphlet explaining what manner of cases can be heard by the court.
The complaints should be related to court decisions on basic human rights or state practices, the report said.

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