Turkish woman sues husband for wearing ‘sexy’ thongs

Turkish woman sues husband for wearing ‘sexy’ thongs

Özge Eğrikar - ISTANBUL
Turkish woman sues husband for wearing ‘sexy’ thongs

The man, who filed a counter-suit against his wife, claims he was blackmailed by the woman

A Turkish woman has filed for divorce claiming on grounds that her nine-year marriage became unbearable after her husband started to wear “sexy” thongs and pantyhose at home. 

According to the woman’s lawyer who spoke to daily Hürriyet after filing the divorce case at Istanbul’s Gaziosmanpaşa Family Court, the husband started to put on make-up and wear women’s clothes two years ago.

“When my client attempted to discuss the issue, he used violence on her,” the lawyer said. “My client is currently in depression. She doesn’t want to continue her marriage. We want a divorce and a compensation of 200,000 Turkish Liras.”

Meanwhile, the husband filed a counter-suit, claiming that the woman “insulted him by asking whether he is a man or not,” while also questioning his fertility.

“His wife implies that my client has a different sexual orientation, attempting to blackmail him with this claim,” the man’s lawyer said in the petition, requesting a divorce with no compensation.

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