Turkish woman claims doctor operated on wrong toe

Turkish woman claims doctor operated on wrong toe

Turkish woman claims doctor operated on wrong toe

A woman in the northwestern province of Yalova has filed a criminal complaint against a doctor who she claims performed a surgical operation on the wrong toe.

Büşra Nergiz, a 27-year-old civil servant, visited the Yalova State Hospital’s orthopedics and traumatology department because of the pain she had in one of her toes.

The X-ray revealed that the pain was due to a fractured toe.

She had an operation at the hospital. But Nergiz claims that the specialist performed the operation on the big toe instead of the actually broken one next to it.

Nergiz realized the mistake made, and her lawyer filed a criminal complaint with a prosecutor’s office regarding the surgeon.

The local health authority in Yalova and the hospital also have launched an investigation into the doctor, Demirören News Agency reported on July 19.

“When I removed the bandage I saw that the toe that gave me pain was intact but the one I had no problem with was operated,” Nergiz said.

According to Nergiz, the surgeon proposed another operation on the broken toe, but she argued that she should not be anaesthetized again only three days after the operation.

She also realized that the surgeon inserted titanium plates in the toe which Nergiz thinks was totally unnecessary.

“I am not sure if there will be any permanent damages in my toe. I will stand by my case until the end,” she said.

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