Turkish video conferencing app passes first test

Turkish video conferencing app passes first test

Turkish video conferencing app passes first test

Turkey's new domestically developed video-conferencing application passed its first test as the platform for an international security and defense event in the capital Ankara.

The SEDEC conference was held virtually on Sept. 15-17 via the new application, XperMeet, developed by Turkish technology firm BITES, an affiliate of the Turkish defense giant Aselsan.

Face-to-face meetings could not be held due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, but XperMeet allowed participants to have safe and secure conversations with its infrastructure.

Thanks to the secure software, Turkish security and defense industry firms held talks with procurement authorities from many countries and met with the world market.

Over three days, 254 companies and institutions from 24 countries held 700 meetings that totaled 410 hours in duration.

Uğur Coşkun, the general manager of BITES, said his company developed the application amid the increase in telecommuting and distance education during the outbreak.

SEDEC provided an important opportunity to see XperMeet's capabilities, Coşkun told Anadolu Agency.

"While we're trying to spread the practice in Turkey, we aren't neglecting international markets. For this reason, SEDEC was an event that coincided with our vision and we cared very much about it."

"In a sense, we held the first international launch of XperMeet and it was the first time we had a test of this scale. The feedback we got showed that we successfully passed this test."

The firm will continue to make efforts to further develop the application and create a strong international brand with suggestions and requests from users.

XperMeet will be able to provide secure video communication in strategic and critical areas like education, finance, health, energy and defense.

The application, which maintains maximum security with end-to-end encryption and SSL certification, uses native infrastructure to protect user data.

High-security file sharing will be also possible with the app, which offers seamless and high-quality conversation capabilities.

The application can be used in Internet browsers and mobile platforms.

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