Turkish team becomes world champion in robot competition in China

Turkish team becomes world champion in robot competition in China

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Turkish team becomes world champion in robot competition in China

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A team of young Turkish students has become world champion in a robot competition in China’s Beijing with a mind-controlled wheelchair they made.

The team, formed of students from the Mediterranean province of Antalya, took part in the competition with a project sponsored by the Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ATSO).     

The team’s members Buket Naz Zeren, Eren Ekrem Kallıkçı and Efe İnan designed a mind-controlled wheelchair that uses thought to command the actions of the vehicle for disabled people. 

The team also ranked second in the same category with another project.

“The young students’ project competed in the Robot Challenge 2017 China Competition in the ‘free style’ category. Nearly 2,000 candidates from 50 countries participated in the competition. There were 96 projects in our category. Our students ranked first and second in the categories they competed in. They have become the pride of our country and city. I wholeheartedly congratulate them,” ATSO chair Davut Çetin said. 

Çetin said such innovative ideas and inventions coming from students were highly important, adding that it provided hope for disabled people. 

“The project promises to provide great ease to the lives of people with disabilities, especially for those paralyzed and suffering spinal cord injury. The first time we heard about the project we were very impressed with ATSO management. The jury was also impressed like us. The ‘Smart House’ project that our youngsters have made ranked second. I hope these successes will pave the way for new successes in the future,” he added.

Çetin said they declared 2017 as an “innovation year” and prioritized activities that focus mostly on innovation.

He added that the success achieved by young scientists could be inspiring for other young talents and encouraging for education institutions.  

“With the technology developing, the world is heading toward a different place. Countries that will prepare their youth and children for the future with the best new technologies will be successful on this path. We, as a country, have no chance to miss this change. We must invest in the future generations for the future of our country,” he said.