Turkish skier's heroics save life in Slovenia

Turkish skier's heroics save life in Slovenia

ANKARA - Anadolu Agency
Turkish skiers heroics save life in Slovenia

A Turkish alpine skier saved the life of a 12-year-old boy in Slovenia's Krvavec Ski Resort.

In a statement, the Turkish Ski Federation said that Sıla Kara, 19, saved the Slovenian boy during a warm-up.

The boy, who was alongside Kara on a chairlift, lost his balance. He managed to grab Kara's ski swaps in the last-ditch effort to prevent his fall.

Kara then held the boy for 15 minutes as he was dangling in the air and then he was eventually rescued by the ski patrol.

Turkish skiers heroics save life in Slovenia

The statement said that Kara was honored with a medal by Krvavec police for her bravery. Kara was among the competitors in the Krvavec Giant Slalom held on Feb. 12-13.

Speaking about the incident, Kara said that the boy panicked once he fell off the chairlift.

"I threw my ski poles and took off my gloves with my mouth. When I took them off, he cried and shouted 'Please hold me with both hands'," Kara said, adding that she held the boy with her both hands for approximately 15 minutes.

She said the ski patrols and ski resort staff arrived at the scene and she let the boy fall on the safety net.

"I went down to check the boy and they [patrols and staff] told me he was in good condition and didn't have any problem," Kara remarked.

"[After saving the boy] Slovenian news channels said on TV 'Find this hero girl'[...] Slovenian police chief and officers gave me an appreciation medal at the airport," she noted.

Kara said it was her duty to save a human life and she is very happy to save him.