Turkish series exported to some 152 countries: Report

Turkish series exported to some 152 countries: Report

Turkish series exported to some 152 countries: Report

Türkiye has exported its series to some 152 countries in the last five years, rising to the second after the U.S. in demand from abroad, according to a report published by Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (İTO).

The report reveals that the Turkish film industry has progressed with popular films which provide high returns, many award-winning productions and the series, which have visibility in the foreign market.

İsrafil Kurulay, the vice president of İTO stated that 2015 was a turning point for the Turkish film and series industry as Türkiye was invited as guest of honor to MIPCOM’s (International Market of Communications Programmes) exhibition, which has increased the share of Turkish series in the market.

“The film industry has a mission which can be described as the dynamo of the economy as the film sectors are the most essential stage that shows the creative power of the country,” he explained.

Kurulay added that the Turkish series sector has become the second place after the U.S. in the export of series with a value of over $500 million.

The export of series, which started in the last 10 years and developed rapidly, have impacted on many sectors such as textiles, jewelry, real estate, tourism he stated, adding that the export has not only an economic but also a cultural dimension.

The success of Turkish series, which are seen in over 150 countries, should be achieved in the film industry as well, he underlined.

MIPCOM, which is the global market of entertainment products across all platforms, organizes one of the world’s largest exhibitions of studios and distributors every year.