Turkish rock singer imam to take stage in New York

Turkish rock singer imam to take stage in New York

ANTALYA – Anadolu Agency
Turkish rock singer imam to take stage in New York Ahmet Muhsin Tüzer, who has become one of the most famous imams in Turkey because of his rock music career, will give a concert in the United States in April.

Tüzer has been invited to sing at the Ultima Festival in New York by composer Catherine Christer Hennix, who is the founder of the “Choros(s)san Time-Court Mirage” concert.

The concert will take place on April 23 during the festival’s opening ceremony at the Issue Project Room, where Tüzer and his band will recite the call to prayer and Quranic verses, accompanied by drone music.

Tüzer has stated that Amir ElSaffar, Amir ElSaffar, Robin Hayward, Paul Schwingenschlögl, Hilary Jeffery, Elena Margarita Kakaliagou, Stefan Tiedje will take place in the orchestra for his performance.

He added that he would not be able to perform his own compositions in the concert, but he hoped it would still contribute much to his music career.

“I will be proud to represent Islam, Turkey and religion in the U.S.,” Tüzer said, adding that it would be an important concert to introduce Islam to U.S. audiences.

Tüzer, an imam in the Mediterranean district of Kaş, became famous after putting together a rock band named “FiRock” with his friends drummer İdris Tübcil and Doğan Sakin, who was the founder and guitarist of famous Turkish rock singer Erkin Koray’s band “Kramp.”

A probe into Tüzer was opened by Antalya’s Mufti Office after he gave a concert with his band last year.