Turkish poets attend Macedonian event

Turkish poets attend Macedonian event

STRUGA - Doğan News Agency
Turkish poets attend Macedonian event

Columnist and writer Bejan Matur, who also participated in the Poetry Evenings in Macedonia, is seen.

The 54th International Poetry Evenings event in Struga, Macedonia, has hosted three poets from Turkey, along with 44 poets from 29 different countries.

Poetry against ‘sound of evil’

Alevi-Kurdish author and columnist Bejan Matur, Metin Celal and İsmail Kılıçarslan attended the events from Turkey. 

“As poetry emerges across the world, gains greater currency and boosts its voice, I believe that the sound of evilness and war will be lowered,” Kılıçarslan said during the event.

The event also drew poets from countries such as Germany, Japan, the United States, Spain, Sweden and India.