Turkish PM to send letters to world leaders on behalf of Syrian refugees

Turkish PM to send letters to world leaders on behalf of Syrian refugees

Turkish PM to send letters to world leaders on behalf of Syrian refugees

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Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has said he will make a call to raise attention to the plight of Syrian refugees with letters to world leaders as thousands of refugees continue to flock to the northwestern province of Edirne, which borders Greece and Bulgaria.

“We are ready to send [refugees] to countries which open their doors to Syrians. But, unfortunately there is no offer from any states. I will write letters to world leaders to be the voice of Syrians for whom the international community has remained silent,” Davutoğlu said on his Twitter account on Sept. 19.

The prime minister said he would be the “voice of Syrians” at the United Nations General Assembly.

Davutoğlu met six representatives of Syrian refugees from Edirne and Istanbul on Sept. 19.

On his Twitter account, Davutoğlu said he wanted the refugee representatives to end their protests by Sept. 21, saying the Syrians had made themselves heard, while pledging to host them in any province or camp in which they wanted to stay. 

“We understand the people who want to go to Europe from Turkey or any other country. We will not stop anyone who is willing to leave. We’ll not say ‘go’ to someone who wants to stay. Our Syrian siblings’ needs will be provided for while they are in Turkey. We are ready to send you even by planes, not by land to any country that will accept you,” Davutoğlu told refugee representatives, according to prime ministry sources.

Davutoğlu said the Global Forum on Migration and Development meeting in Istanbul next month would focus on Syrian refugees.
Hundreds of Syrian migrants that marched toward Edirne last week in an attempt to cross into Greece were blocked by Turkish gendarmerie force.

Following a tense, three-day wait, Syrian migrants who camped near Edirne hit the highway to march into the city, which borders Greece.

The group’s way was blocked by the gendarmerie at a short distance from the gates.

A large group of migrants have been camping near the city’s entrance since Sep. 15, as their attempts to enter the city on foot have been blocked by gendarmerie and police teams.