Turkish PM calls on judges to expedite putschist trials

Turkish PM calls on judges to expedite putschist trials

Turkish PM calls on judges to expedite putschist trials

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Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım has called on the judiciary to expedite the trial process of coup plotters, stating that a commission that was established by a recent decree will pave the way for judicial remedies even amid the state of emergency. 

“It’s been months since the July 15 [2016] coup attempt. My people ask me why those who had guns and who killed civilians on that night have still not been taken to court. I am just the messenger of my people,” he said.

“If you accelerate this work and get results as soon as possible, the people will calm down. They will say that the justice was served,” he added. 

Yıldırım also said the commission to accept applications about public dismissals and closures under the state of emergency would pave the way for legal remedies. 

“This regulation is paving the way for judicial remedies. In this way, we will reduce unjust suffering, even if they have betrayed or committed a crime, as Turkey is a state of law,” Yıldırım told members of the judiciary on Jan. 26. 

The establishment of the commission was interpreted as the government’s move to ease concerns from European institutions which criticized the decree laws for being closed to any domestic judicial remedies.

“We will make this mechanism of appeal in the following days. By this way, we will launch an effective mechanism for an appeal. However, the decision that will be made here will not be the judiciary. The decisions made here are for administrative decisions to be clear,” Yıldırım said. 

“Therefore, the decisions that will be made here will open the way to seek justice. However, those who have tried to demolish this country cannot come back to it through the backdoor. They should know that,” Yıldırım added.  

“We have faced such a great danger; we faced a destructive activity accumulated over the years. There could be people who have been incidentally victimized on the way – it is possible. It is our duty as a state of law to prevent their victimization,” he said.