Turkish Parliament ratifies second judicial package

Turkish Parliament ratifies second judicial package

Turkish Parliament ratifies second judicial package

The Turkish Parliament on late July 21 ratified the second judicial package, which aims to speed up processes and overcome congestions in legal proceedings.

With the new law, the cases of making some or all of the hearings confidentially have been expanded. Accordingly, the hearings will be held confidentially, if the persons involved in the trial have a superior interest worth protecting.

The plaintiff will be able to withdraw his case with the explicit consent of the defendant until the sentence is finalized, with the amendment. In this case, it will be decided to consider the case unopened.

Decisions to be made without a hearing have been expanded. If the deficiencies found in the judiciary are to be completed without a hearing, after the completion of these, it will be possible to decide on the rejection of the application from the merits or decide about the merits again without a hearing.

The court will also be able to make a decision without a hearing if no substantial evidence has been collected or evaluated to be effective in resolving the dispute, or if no significant decision has been made.

The title “Mediation as a condition of lawsuit” was added to the Law on Consumer Protection. In case of disputes in the consumer courts, the application to the mediator is required before the lawsuit was filed.

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