Turkish painting sells for 1.5 million

Turkish painting sells for 1.5 million

Painter Nazmi Ziya’s “Artist House” painting has sold for 1.5 million Turkish Liras in the “Ottoman Art and Valuable Paintings Auction,” which took place at the Shangri-La Bosphorus Hotel on Dec. 15. 

The opening price for the painting, which is considered one of the iconic works in Turkish painting and has a very significant place in Turkish impressionist art, was 500,000 liras. 

The Ottoman Art and Valuable Paintings Auction saw Flandin’s “Sürre Alayı” go for 475,000 liras, İbrahim Çallı’s “Köy” sell for 380,000 liras and a Sami Yetik work find a buyer at 350,000. A manuscript from Yedikuleli Seyyid Abdullah sold for 315,000 liras, while a Hilye-i Şerif from Mehmet Asfi went for 300,000 liras. 

Works by Halil Paşa, Şevket Dağ and Hikmet Onat were also featured at the auction.

The auction, which was organized for the 280th time by Artam Auction house, was conducted by Turgay Artam.