Turkish media group head assaulted in Istanbul

Turkish media group head assaulted in Istanbul

ISTANBUL - Doğan News Agency
Turkish media group head assaulted in Istanbul

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The chairman of Turkish media outlet Star has been assaulted by gunfire in Istanbul while riding inside his armored car, however no casualties were reported.

Murat Sancak, who is also the nephew of businessman Ethem Sancak, was caught in crossfire on Aug. 20 along with his bodyguard and driver in Istanbul’s Hadımköy district at around 12 p.m. 

A car reportedly hit Sancak’s car from behind and Sancak’s driver along with his bodyguard were fired upon after they got out of the car. According to the initial investigation, a total of 21 bullets hit the car. A short clash erupted following the attack, after which two assailants fled the scene by car. Police also found a number of bullet marks on the car, while two of four which hit the windshield pierced the glass and were found inside.

However, Sancak and his body guards managed to survive the attack and no casualties were reported.

Police have begun an investigation to identify the assailants and find the suspect’s car by examining security footage and city surveillance cameras.

Sancak is the chairman of MT Group which operates in the health, real estate and technology sectors. He is also the chairman of Star Media, a pro-government media group.