Turkish lawmakers receive benefits with new regulation

Turkish lawmakers receive benefits with new regulation

ANKARA - Hürriyet
Turkish lawmakers receive benefits with new regulation

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Lawmakers will be given immunity from traffic fines and a lifetime diplomatic passport, along with several other benefits, if a proposed bill is ratified by the Turkish Parliament.

All four parties have agreed on the proposal, which allows deputies to enjoy a wide range of benefits, including immunity from traffic fines and priority rights in traffic that are generally given to firefighters and ambulances.

The protocol line-ups will also be rearranged with the proposed bill, with lawmakers placed right after the force commanders. If force commanders do not attend an event, deputies will be placed right behind governors.

Lawmakers who pass away will have funeral ceremonies organized by governor’s offices, while all medical expenses of deputies, their families and their children, will be paid by Parliament.

They will also enjoy lifetime diplomatic passports and will wear badges instead of ID cards, and will enjoy equal benefits in publicly-owned social facilities with the heads of those facilities, if the bill is passed.

The bill also allows lawmakers to hold licenses to possess arms, in addition to a reevaluation of additional payments to their salaries, such as travel expenses.

The proposed bill will be sent to a parliamentary commission in the upcoming days. If it passes, every individual who has been elected once for a position will enjoy the benefits for life.