Turkish imams to be trained on sexual health matters

Turkish imams to be trained on sexual health matters

Meltem Özgenç - ANKARA
Turkish imams to be trained on sexual health matters In an attempt to increase knowledge and awareness of health issues in society, the Turkish Health Ministry has launched an initiative to educate imams so they can teach and inform the people who come to their mosque for prayers on a variety of health-related topics, including sexual health. 

A number of health-related issues, including cancer, tuberculosis, obesity, mental health, the Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, medication usage, prenuptial consultancy and sexual health, will be among the topics taught to the imams. 

The imams will be given material to be used during the education, including information on the reproductive organs of men and women and birth control methods. 

One section of the material stated that partners need to stay loyal to each other for the safety of their sexual lives and also need to talk about their partner’s pleasure and respect each other’s boundaries. 

“As the partners would be just getting to know each other’s bodies and would not know how they would react, the parties need to approach each other gently and with understanding during their first intercourse,” the section of the material read. 

On the subject of obesity, the material stated that around 30 percent of people older than 20 years old were overweight and individuals needed to move rather than sit in front of a television or computer after meals, adding that at least 30 minutes of walking needed to be done five days a week. 

The material also warned against tuberculosis, saying that while nine million new patients arise every year, 1.5 million people die of tuberculosis annually. The material stated ultraviolet rays from the sun killed the tuberculosis microbe in a short span of time.