Turkish health staffers train Syrian volunteers

Turkish health staffers train Syrian volunteers

ÇOBANBEY, Syria - Anadolu Agency
Turkish health staffers train Syrian volunteers

Turkish health personnel in Syria gave training to volunteers to cope up with emergency situations in conflict-free areas in the country.

The Syrian humanitarian team who are working on the Euphrates Shields region of Azaz town received emergency intervention training, advanced driving techniques and stretchers from Turkish emergency officers.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Sezer Saykal, one of the Turkish healthcare personnel, said: "We work for the betterment of health services in Syria with 112 ambulances. We provide transport to hospitals and pre-hospital health care."

The delegation of Turkish Health Ministry is working to maximize the medical facilities for the people of Syria.

"We are distributing Whatsapp numbers among Syrian citizens. Citizens can request an ambulance by calling the numbers given. We are planning to give training on ambulance driving, paramedics in ambulances and in-service training to Syrian emergency medical teams in the near future," Saykal said.

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