Turkish firm starts exporting heating fabrics

Turkish firm starts exporting heating fabrics

İZMİR-Anadolu Agency
Turkish firm starts exporting heating fabrics

A Turkish entrepreneur is now exporting a heating fabric, developed from 100% local sources, for €20 ($22) a square meter, said executives of the firm on Oct. 5.

The innovative new fabric can dissipate heat with low voltage and can be used in numerous fields, such as the automotive, health, textile, and defense sectors, Ayhan Prepol, a co-founder of Iltema, which makes the fabric, told Anadolu Agency.

The firm, which works with Turkish automotive and furniture producers, made its first export to Germany, he said.

The heating fabric was used for wetsuits for the German army and won praise, he added.

Saying that Iltema sent prototypes to Ireland and the U.K., he added: "Motorbike users tested the fabric in the U.K., while an Irish company wanted the fabric for an acoustic project."

The fabric can dissipate heat at various ranges from 15 C to 300 C (59 to 572 F), he stressed.

"While our competitors can be used at a constant temperature, we can adjust the heat when we produce our fabric," he said.

Prepol also said that the company -- based in the Aegean region of Izmir -- continues its R&D activities and hopes to reach €2 million ($2.2 million) in exports in 2020.