Turkish film 'Üç yol' awarded at Iran festival

Turkish film 'Üç yol' awarded at Iran festival

Turkish film Üç yol awarded at Iran festival

The film is directed by Faysal Soysal. AA photo

Turkish film “Üç Yol” (Crossroads) has won an award at its first screening abroad. The film was presented with the Best Screenplay Award “Crystal Simorg” in the international competition category of the Fajr Film Festival in Iran. 

For the festival, which kicked off Feb. 1 and ended yesterday, an award ceremony was held at a hotel in Tehran. The film’s screenplay consultant Hasanali Yıldırım took the award on behalf of the crew at the ceremony. 

“Crossroads” was previously selected as the best film of 2013 by the Association of Arts and Culture Studies (ESKADER). The film was also screened at the Antalya and Malatya film festivals. 

The film, directed by Faysal Soysal, was completed in nearly four years, shot in places such as Sarajevo, Mostar and Istanbul. It features actors from Croatia, Turkey and Albania and the film’s dialogue takes place in four languages: Kurdish, English, Turkish and Bosnian. 

The film is about losses faced after the Bosnian War.