Turkish Film Commission striving to draw attention to Cappadocia

Turkish Film Commission striving to draw attention to Cappadocia

Turkish Film Commission striving to draw attention to Cappadocia

The Turkish Film Commission is making efforts to attract the attention of film companies to Cappadocia, which is a natural film set with its historical and cultural riches as well as its interesting geographical beauties.

Works have been carried out to make Cappadocia, where stars such as Charles Bronson, Ömer Şerif, Tony Curtis and Nicholas Cage have shot movies, appear more on the silver screen and become the promotional face of Turkey.

Sait Yardımcı, producer and the president of the Turkish Film Commission, and his team are making a documentary film in the region, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, to be broadcast on the Discovery Science Channel.

The documentary has been filmed in Göreme, Uçhisar towns, Çavuşin village and the surrounding valley, the historical church, chapel and open-air museums.

Abdurrahman İtik is the director of the documentary made for the channel’s “Mysteries of the Abandoned” documentary series. With art historian Professor Mehmet Ekiz’s narration, the historical, cultural and natural contents of the region will be introduced to the world.

Speaking to the state-run Anadolu Agency, Yardımcı said that the interesting rock formations that emerged as a result of the erosion of the lava and ashes sprayed by Erciyes, Hasandağı and Göllü Dağ mountains millions of years ago by rain and wind made Cappadocia a special destination.

Stating the film sector made great contributions to the promotion of tourism, he said, “The Turkish Film Commission aims to make Turkey a world-renowned film location. For this reason, we have been promoting our country by participating in many film festivals from Hollywood to Bollywood abroad for 10 years.”

He said that they are working to bring domestic and foreign film companies to Cappadocia after the pandemic.

“Cappadocia was a highly popular tourism region before the pandemic. It started to be in demand years ago thanks to a Turkish TV series. Various films have been shot here. The publication of this documentary will make a very important contribution to increasing the tourism in Cappadocia again,” Yardımcı said.

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