Turkish fighter jet to be displayed at Paris airshow

Turkish fighter jet to be displayed at Paris airshow

Turkish fighter jet to be displayed at Paris airshow

The Turkish Aerospace, TUSAŞ, will display for the first time the one-to-one mock-up of a Turkish fighter aircraft at the International Paris Airshow, the company said in a statement.

The Turkish Aerospace will also showcase its ATAK, ANKA, HÜRJET and GÖKBEY platforms, at the fair.

“Furthermore, the ATAK helicopter will perform flight demonstrations during the show,” it said.

Turkey will demonstrate its infrastructure, technologies and abilities to produce fifth generation jet aircraft which is therefore considered invaluable to a leading power like the U.S., Russia and China, according the company.

The 17th International Paris Airshow will take place at Le Bourget airport between June 17 and June 23.

“We moved Turkey’s most important project, which we conduct with pride, to a higher point. We will do what few countries worldwide do. For the first time we will exhibit Turkish Fighter in Paris in order to show our capabilities. Thus, Turkey will demonstrate that there is no difference from other countries from the point of view of technological infrastructure,” said Temel Kotil, president and CEO of Turkish Aerospace.

The Turkish Aerospace is the prime contractor of the Turkish Fighter Project, initiated to meet the needs of Turkish Armed Force.

The Turkish Aerospace was founded in 1973.

It ranks among the top hundred global players in aerospace and defense arena.

Some 55 percent of the company’s shares are owned by the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation.

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