Turkish family gets virus hate letter in Germany

Turkish family gets virus hate letter in Germany

Turkish family gets virus hate letter in Germany

A Turkish family in Germany’s Hamburg has received a hate letter which the sender claims is contaminated with the coronavirus.

The letter was addressed to Önder Koca, a 28-year-old German-born man with Turkish origins.

“I opened the mailbox and I found an unsigned letter. I was shocked when I read it through. It goes like: ‘Hi. I have a surprise for you. I have corona and coughed several times on this letter and licked it all over. I won’t leave this world alone. My mission is to leave Germany to my children and grandchildren in which no foreigners live. Die, die slowly. Leave Germany to Germans. I wish you all the bad. I hope the virus spread amongst your family.”

Koca said he immediately disinfected his hands and went to the police

He also informed Turkey’s Consulate General in Hamburg of the incident.

Koca also contacted local health authorities.

“They told me that the chances of getting the virus from the paper are very, very slim. But still, they advised me to take a one-week leave from work and stay at home for self-quarantine. Receiving such a letter did not really scare us, but it was rather irritating,” Kosa said.