Turkish defense industry shifting to national operating system

Turkish defense industry shifting to national operating system

ANKARA – Anadolu Agency
Turkish defense industry shifting to national operating system Turkey’s defense and aerospace industry will shift from its current foreign computer operating system to an existing Linux-based national software in light of security needs and license costs, according to the head of the state defense firm which has undertaken the project.

Ahmet Hamdi Atalay, the CEO of the country’s state-run air defense and software company Havelsan, told Anadolu Agency on Oct. 27 that they hoped to eliminate external dependence and enhance the domestic value-added in Turkey’s defense industry.      
“Havelsan has been assigned to promote the use of the Pardus operating system [OS] primarily by the Defense Ministry, institutions linked to the Turkish Armed Forces, state-run defense companies and other participants in the industry,” said Atalay.        

Pointing to the lower costs of using national software, Atalay said: “Why don’t we use a national product, as we already have it? Why are we using outside sources for this purpose?”

Atalay also cited rising concerns about the current operating systems used worldwide in terms of cyber security and information and communication safety.      
“To eliminate these concerns … by using national software is of critical significance. All countries want to have a national system, especially to operate their essential infrastructure and institutions. So most of them have been working on this,” said Atalay.

Atalay stated that Havelsan would work cooperatively with the Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Council (TÜBİTAK) to produce experts focusing on improving, operating and promoting Pardus.

“The defense industry’s security concerns will encourage the transformation process for Pardus OS. Public authorities have given a strong message of ‘be ready, modify your products and services,’ to all participants of this sector by planning to shift all operating systems,” he added.        

Pardus OS, a Linux-based system, works with open-source principles to provide users with software architecture flexibility.
The system, which was developed in 2003 by TÜBİTAK, has been released in five main and two corporate versions, mainly for public institutions.      
The name of the operating system comes from the Anatolian leopard’s Latin name, panthera pardus tulliana.