Turkish Cypriots rally to support sentenced tycoon

Turkish Cypriots rally to support sentenced tycoon

NICOSIA - Anatolia News Agency
Turkish Cypriots rally to support sentenced tycoon

Supporters of Nadir carry placards demanding a fair trial for the businessmen. AA photo

A demonstration was held in Nicosia by numerous Turkish Cypriot non-governmental organizations in support of Asil Nadir, a Turkish Cypriot tycoon who was recently sentenced to 10 years in prison in Britain on charges of stealing millions from his collapsed businesses.

The demonstrators included Turkish Cypriot Parliamentary Speaker Hasan Bozer, Finance Minister Ersin Tatar as well as other politicians, mayors and citizens.

Stockbreeders Union President Mustafa Naimoğulları and Turkish Cyprus Farmers Union President Ali Can Kabakçı both said in speeches at the rally that they were against the unfair trail process of Nadir and the sanctions launched on Turkish Cyprus.

“This sentence in fact targets Turkish Cypriots,” said Naimoğulları.

“Whatever happened to Nadir was a small game, the real big game is played on Turkish Cypriots, but it will yield no results,” said Kabakçı.

Kabakçı and Naimoğulları sent the same letter to UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon, claiming the Greek Cypriot lobby was behind the collapse of Polly Peck, the giant company run by Nadir.