Turkish cultural heritage month kicks off in US

Turkish cultural heritage month kicks off in US

Turkish cultural heritage month kicks off in US

The Turkish cultural heritage month has kicked off in the U.S., with the events taking place online due to the coronavirus outbreak.

In a virtual event organized by the Washington Turkish-American Association (ATA-DC), it showcased the historical and natural beauties of the country.

Turkish pianist and composer Fahir Atakoğlu also gave a concert at the event where examples of calligraphy were made and presented.

Intercultural activities and workshops will continue to be organized online throughout September and October.

The Turkish Festival is an annual event that brings tens of thousands of people to downtown D.C. under normal conditions to “experience the wonders of Turkey in Washington D.C.”

It has become a staple of Washington’s fall calendar.

In 2011, readers of the Washington City Paper named the Turkish Festival as the city’s “Best Festival.”

Today, the U.S. is home to over 500,000 Turkish Americans.

D.C.’s Turkish cultural heritage month seeks to build bridges and friendships between Turkish and American people while recognizing the contributions of Turkish Americans to American society.