Turkish cinema awards presented

Turkish cinema awards presented

Turkish cinema awards presented

The Turkish Cinema Writers Association (SİYAD) awarded the best of Turkish cinema for the 53rd time this year. Ercan Kesal’s “Nasipse Adayız” (You Know Him) and Cenk Ertürk’s “Nuh Tepesi” (Noah Land) were the most awarded productions.

The winners of the 53rd SİYAD Awards were announced on a live broadcast on YouTube. Tuğrul Tülek presented the ceremony in which the winners’ award acceptance speeches, which were recorded before, were presented to the audience.

SİYAD President Okan Arpaç also made a speech at the ceremony, and before the awards were announced, the nominated films and filmmakers were introduced with a video.

Veteran actress Nur Sürer and documentary filmmaker Can Candan received the Honorary Award, while technician Ali Koçoğlu received the Labor Award.

The awarded productions in the main categories are as follows:
Best film “You Know Him,” best director Ercan Kesal, best screenplay “You Know Him,” best actress Cemre Ebüzziya for her role in “Kronoloji” (Chronology), best actor Ali Atay for his role in “Noah Land,” best supporting actress Selin Yeninci for her role in “You Know Him” and best supporting actor İnanç Konukçu for his role in “You Know Him.”