Turkish businessman convicted after coup attempt dies in prison

Turkish businessman convicted after coup attempt dies in prison

Turkish businessman convicted after coup attempt dies in prison A Turkish businessman, who was arrested after an investigation into the July 15 failed coup attempt that was believed to have been orchestrated by the Gülen movement, died on Nov. 29 in prison in the western province of İzmir, Doğan News Agency has reported.

Ünal Takmaklı, 77, the co-founder and former partner of Uğur Cooling Systems, died of a heart attack in a T-type prison in the district of Menemen. 

Takmaklı was immediately rushed to Menemen State Hospital where he was initially resuscitated after the heart attack, but later succumbed to symptoms caused by his previous illnesses, the agency said.

Takmaklı’s son Mustafa Takmaklı issued a statement following his father’s death.

“Ünal Takmaklı unmasked this traitor structure [Gülen movement] after the Dec. 17 to 25 [2013] judicial coup attempt and ceased all his ties with the structure in 2013. He even removed his grandchildren from Gülen-linked schools. In our last meeting, he said his last wish was to be cleared of accusations and leave an honorable name to his children. Those who insulted our state and the AK Parti [the ruling Justice and Development Party] over my father’s death, via social media accounts, are the ones who victimized my father. He was a devoted patriot and a Muslim who believed justice would be brought again,” he said in his statement.

The Second High Criminal Court in the Nazilli district of the western province of Aydın ordered the arrest of Takmaklı and the other owners of Uğur Cooling Systems, Mehmet Takmaklı and Ali Takmaklı, on July 28 as part of the investigation into the failed coup attempt. 

Takmaklı will be laid to rest on Dec. 1 in Nazilli upon a prosecutor’s order.