Turkish artist in NY art show

Turkish artist in NY art show

Turkish artist in NY art show Chelsea’s Agora Gallery will feature the original work of Istanbul artist Şebnem Keçeli in Unbound Perspectives. 

The exhibition will open on Aug. 26 and run through Sept. 15, with an opening reception on Sept. 1. 

Keçeli explores the idea of transformation in her multifaceted, sensuous sculptures. Working most recently in bronze, Keçeli creates organic forms that hint at representation. Some sculptures might be body parts or entire human figures, while others seem to be multiplying cells or strands of DNA. She conjures surfaces that seem to melt and breathe like skin or even liquid. Each piece portrays a moment seeming mid-shift, just at the point of one form dissolving into another.

Keçeli’s practice is far-reaching; she uses marble, wood, styrofoam, aluminum, bronze, silver, wax, iron, plaster, and clay and is equally skilled in modeling, carving, welding, and casting. 

The pieces are of a medium size, running from two to four feet high, and often done in unvarnished earth tones. Their compactness makes their intricacies all the more compelling. The entire body of work is subtle and thoughtful.

Keçeli was born in Istanbul, where she continues to live and work today. She has exhibited all around Turkey, as well as in Germany and the United States.