Turkey's 'Revolutionary Islamists' to hit streets on May 1

Turkey's 'Revolutionary Islamists' to hit streets on May 1

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Turkeys Revolutionary Islamists to hit streets on May 1

'Property belongs to Allah,' the headline reads, followed by the Biblical verse 'Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth.' (Matthew 6:19)

Islamist youth in Turkey are organizing via social media to make an unprecedented appearance at this year's May 1 rally in Istanbul to protest capitalism.
A group calling themselves the "Revolutionary Islamists" has been making calls on social media and elsewhere with banners and videos containing verses and hadiths from the Quran that can be interpreted as anti-capitalist, İlker Akgüngör of daily Vatan reported today. 
The group has rallied around the slogan "Fekku Ragabe" (Freedom to Slaves) which is mentioned in the 13th verse of the Balad Surah of the Quran. They called on people to join them on May 1 with verses and hadiths on hunger, toil, poverty and freedom. The group plans to join May 1 demonstrations with a cortege called the "Fight Against Capitalism."

A video published by a group called "Muslim Youth" featured the "May 1 Hymn" coupled with quotes from Caliph Imam Ali, Abu Dharr al-Ghifari, who was considered to be the first Muslim Socialist by some, and modern Islamic thinker Ali Shariati. 
Verses from the Torah and the Bible were also used in banners and videos.

Turkeys Revolutionary Islamists to hit streets on May 1

An announcement made by the Revolutionary Islamists read, "We will be at Taksim Square on May 1 to be the screams of workers burned to death at mall construction sites, drowned in dam lakes and children raped in prisons; to ask why Hrant [Dink], the villagers in Uludere/Roboski, Ceylan [Önkol] and many others were killed."
İhsan Eliaçık, a pious author known for his critiques of capitalism, said he would participate in the Fight Against Capitalism cortege. "[It is] time for May 1 to see the revolutionary face of Islam and for Islam to gain May 1 consciousness."

"We as Muslims have remained silent in the wake of many events in the past,” said Zeynep Duygu of the Fight Against Capitalism Platform. “We aim to break this silence and bring forth the [revolutionary] aspect of Islam in order to face ourselves.” 
The group said they would gather at Fatih Mosque at 9 a.m. on May 1 to hold funeral prayers in absentia for workers who were burned to death at a construction site in Istanbul last month and for workers who drowned in a reservoir in the eastern province of Erzurum earlier this month. 

The group the plans to march to Taksim Square together with workers, homeless people, women and children.

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