Turkey’s largest library being built inside presidential compound

Turkey’s largest library being built inside presidential compound

Erdinç Çelikkan - ANKARA
Turkey’s largest library being built inside presidential compound

A giant library that will house five million books is being constructed inside the presidential compound in the capital Ankara. Newly-released sketches show the plan of the massive building.

Authorities are planning to open the library to service at the end of 2018. It will be the third building inside the compound open to the public.

The library is currently being constructed with Ottoman and Seljuk architectural synthesis. It was designed in accordance with the presidential palace’s architectural concept.

Rough construction of the library has been completed. Upon its completion, the Presidential Library will be the largest in Turkey.

The library will be decorated with white and pink marbles and is also planned to be among the biggest in the world.

A soup kitchen along with meeting, conference and exhibition halls will be adjacent to the library.

A team from the presidency has been making preparations for a long time and the books that will be placed in the library were determined based on opinions presented by a team of experts who have examined libraries abroad.

The Presidential Library has the status of a depository library, of which there are six in total in Turkey, for including copies of all printed material.

A team from the presidency has been continuing efforts to purchase books and collections in the country and from abroad. The library plans to include five million books in the first stage and this number is expected to increase.

The current library, which has more than 20,000 publications and 352 manuscripts, is available for the use of presidential personnel and their relatives for the time being. Those who want to benefit from the books inside are required to obtain special permission.

The giant library will be open for 24 hours and will feature separate sections for children, students and researchers.

In addition, the special collections, holographs, decrees, maps, photographs, stamps and gravures that are donated will be available for visitors to see.

A bookbindery will also be constructed inside the library for the bookbinding process.