Turkey’s economic parameters surpassed pre-pandemic period: Erdoğan

Turkey’s economic parameters surpassed pre-pandemic period: Erdoğan

Turkey’s economic parameters surpassed pre-pandemic period: Erdoğan

Turkey’s economic development has reached a level even higher than that of the pre-pandemic period, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on Sept. 14.

“With a rapid increase in industrial production, exports, employment and growth in the last period, we have surpassed even the pre-pandemic period,” Erdoğan said, addressing a group of workers.

Likewise, there is a rapid recovery in the services sector, especially in tourism, he said, noting that the balances in the macroeconomy started settling down again.

Indicators point out that the positive rise in the economy will continue to increase, Erdoğan added.

Although Turkey has experienced some delays due to “successive coup attempts, economic attacks, pandemic, and disasters” in recent years, the government is firmly committed to its 2023 goals, the president said.

Thanks to the “positive developments in the economy,” the government has provided the opportunity to make “very satisfactory increases” in the labor agreements of the workers and civil servants, the president said.

In the labor agreement of the past month, the government has provided a serious increase in the salaries of 700,000 workers in state enterprises, he said and added more than 31 percent increase was provided for low salary of public servants. The government also increased the holiday bonuses of retirees, he noted.

“While increasing the income of our employees, we have developed practices that take care of every segment, from tradesmen to industrialists, and we protected and watched over every citizen with our comprehensive social support programs,” he said.

“If we are not going to ensure that all 84 million people benefit from this country’s earnings, what is the need for all this effort and struggle?” he asked.

Erdoğan said they would provide everyone benefit with the purchasing power increase of the country as they pledge to include Turkey among the most 10 developed economies in the world.

“As Turkey grows, becomes stronger and becomes richer, the welfare level of each of our citizens will increase. As long as we, as a nation, firmly embrace our unity, solidarity and brotherhood, no one can prevent us from reaching this goal,” Erdoğan stated.

The “panic” of the circles which see the development of Turkey shows that the government is on the right path, the president said.

“We are on the verge of a period in which we both make up for our centuries-old losses and look to our bright future with confidence. No one should doubt that we will leave our children a country that is the dream of all of you when we continue this process, the symbol of which is our 2023 goals while maintaining a climate of stability and trust,” Erdoğan stated.

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