Turkey’s city of waterfalls attracts nature lovers

Turkey’s city of waterfalls attracts nature lovers

Turkey’s city of waterfalls attracts nature lovers

Known as the “city of waterfalls and lakes”, Turkey’s northwestern Düzce province became a popular destination for nature-lovers with the start of the normalization process amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Düzce, which is easy to access from metropolitan cities such as Istanbul and Ankara, attracts a large number of visitors daily after authorities eased the COVID-19 restrictions.

The untouched natural beauties located in the forests in the high parts of the city, including Aydınpınar and Güzeldere waterfalls and Efteni Bird Sanctuary, welcome its guests with all the picturesque view and peaceful summer splendors.

The tourist region, where the sound of flowing water accompanies the beech and hornbeam trees, offers visitors insatiable views with an array of bright colors.

Gölyaka Mayor Yakup Demircan said that waterfalls in the city are the most popular tourist attractions in the region.

“Unfortunately, our country and the world have been experiencing the coronavirus pandemic for almost one-and-a-half year. We have cleaned the Güzeldere waterfall, Turkey’s longest waterfall, and presented it to our guests.”

Due to its accessible location, the region is very popular and “30 million people can reach our waterfall in only two-and-a half hours,” Demircan said.