Turkey’s 3G faster than US 4G: Reports

Turkey’s 3G faster than US 4G: Reports

Turkey’s 3G faster than US 4G: Reports

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“The 3G connection in Turkey is faster than the 4G in my house,” Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak said last year during a visit to Turkey.

A recent test by two Turkish IT magazines has proved that Wozniak was indeed right.

The four largest mobile operators in the U.S., namely Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile, have been offering 4G services to their subscribers promising faster download speeds. However, recent tests conducted by two American IT magazines showed surprisingly low download speeds.

Chip and PCnet, two leading IT magazines in Turkey, also tested the speeds of mobile connection performances of the four services in 21 spots in five large American cities; Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose (Silicon Valley), Washington and New York.
In the U.S. 4G speeds were significantly slower than 3G services in Turkey, according to the test results. The data for the U.S. tests were compared with PCnet’s 3G download speed tests in Turkey, which were conducted last May.

The speed difference in favor of Turkey was due to investments in the latest cutting-edge 3G technology Turkey has made, as the country adopted the technology later than many other countries, the testers said.

The editors of the two Turkish magazines also witnessed that Wozniak was right about his statement on Turkey’s 3G connection and 4G in the U.S. after carrying out a test in front of his house in Los Gatos, California.

The Turkish magazines used Speedtest.net, which is accepted as the most-trusted speed test in the world, in both tests in Turkey and the U.S.