Turkey to form second board to tackle social impacts of COVID-19

Turkey to form second board to tackle social impacts of COVID-19

Turkey to form second board to tackle social impacts of COVID-19

Turkey has formed a second science board to tackle the social impacts of the measures taken in the fight against the coronavirus, the health minister has announced, informing that the new board will include experts in the field of psychology of religion, sociology of religion, statistics, sociology and psychology.

“Various needs have appeared to get better organized in our fight against the disease as a society. We are in need of guidance and recommendations on social issues. That’s why we have formed a new council under the title of Social Sciences Board,” Health Minister Fahrettin Koca told reporters after a routine Science Board meeting late April 7.

A 25-member Science Board under the leadership of Koca and with the participation medical experts had been formed in the early days of the fight against the pandemic. It was later expanded to 35 members with the inclusion of experts in the field of public health.

“The new board will work on future aspects of the process and will ease the life for society and individuals by making suggestions on the social life. This will be a first in the global fight against the outbreak,” Koca stressed.

On a question, Koca said the new board will be composed of psychologists, sociologists, psychologists of religion, sociologists of religion and statisticians, underlining that the selected members are competent and influential figures in their fields.

The board will hold its first meeting in the coming days, he added.

App developed to track patients

Koca also said a special mobile app has been developed to track the COVID-19 cases with the contribution of the Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK).

“A work has been done to follow the cases and to see whether they are isolated or leaving their houses by three operators and with the contribution of the BTK. A mobile app has been developed and all our patients have to download this app. It will be activated within one or two days,” Koca said.

The app will allow the Health Ministry to follow the state of the patients in real time and will urge the patient to stay home, the minister said. If the patient does not abide by the social isolation rules “the system will notify the law enforcement. Further statements will be made within days by our Communications Directorate.”