Turkey returns griffon vulture to Serbian home

Turkey returns griffon vulture to Serbian home

BELGRADE- Anadolu Agency
Turkey returns griffon vulture to Serbian home

Turkish authorities returned an endangered griffon vulture on April 12 to Serbia after it was found in Turkey.       

Dobrila was found wounded in the southeastern Turkish province of Şanlıurfa in December.       

The Turkish Gendarmerie teams handed Dobrila to the Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks in the province with local and international press on hand to witness the exchange.       

Researchers found Dobrila is at risk of extinction and her origin is Serbia.       

Dobrila was brought to Belgrade by Turkish Cargo where she was welcomed by Turkey's Ambassador Tanju Bilgiç and Serbian Environment Minister Goran Trivan.       

Bilgiç said returning Dobrila to her homeland is an indication of good relations between Turkey and Serbia.       

"We are delighted that our operation has been successfully completed," said Bilgiç.       

He said the bird could not return home alone and authorities requested assistance from Turkish Airlines.       

Trivan thanked Turkey for providing medical treatment for Dobrila.       

"We have about 500 griffon vultures in Uvac Special Nature Reserve,” said Trivan. “The Return of Dobrila is an indication that the two countries [have] joint efforts for very beautiful and special things."       

Dorbila will soon be released to its natural habitat at the Uvac Special Nature Reserve in southwestern Serbia.