Turkey producing 105-mm lightweight towed howitzer: Minister

Turkey producing 105-mm lightweight towed howitzer: Minister

Turkey producing 105-mm lightweight towed howitzer: Minister

A new 105-millimeter lightweight towed howitzer weapon system, which will raise largely due to the Turkish Armed Forces’ logistical and tactical maneuverability, has been indigenously produced, Defense Minister Nurettin Canikli announced on May 5, state-run Anadolu Agency reported.

The new system, which is able to be airlifted and named Boran, has been successfully tested, Canikli said in a message posted on his official Twitter account.

“The weapon, which has modern command and fire control systems, is able to identify targets,” he said, adding that the new howitzer will serve the Turkish ranger and infantry troops in the operations.

According to Canikli, Boran was made ready in a short time and it has a range of 17 kilometers (11 miles).

The 1,720-kilogram (3,792 pounds) howitzer is consonant with Sikorsky S-70 and Chinook CH-47 helicopters.

“Boran can calculate, and target without usual deployment procedures due to its fire control systems,” he said.

The weapon’s system can be used between the Celsius degrees of -32 and +44 nonstop for 8 hours, Canikli noted.

Boran’s mass production will be started by the end of 2018, he added.

Turkey has been producing several types of military supplies and vehicles such as unmanned air vehicles, kamikaze drones, tanks, riffles, satellites and rockets with its private and state-run companies in recent years. 

The country’s military products are in demand in international fairs — including Doha International Maritime Defense Exhibition and Conference (DIMDEX) and the Armed Forces Exhibition for Diversity of Requirements and Capabilities (AFED).

The Turkish military has used locally-made vehicles, weapons, and ammunition in “Operation Olive Branch” in Syria’s northwestern district of Afrin.

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