Turkey produces bunker-buster bomb

Turkey produces bunker-buster bomb

KIRIKKALE-Anadolu Agency
Turkey produces bunker-buster bomb

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Turkey has begun production of the country’s first bunker-busting bomb, a senior weapons official said on May 30.      

The Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation, known by its Turkish acronym MKEK, recently certified the 2,000-pound (907-kilogram) bomb for use with F-16 and F-4 warplanes.    
İhsan Çağatay Öncel, the research and development manager at MKEK’s factory in Kırıkkale in central Turkey, said the weapon was capable of penetrating reinforced concrete targets.  
“The penetrator bomb has the capability to break reinforced concrete and now its certification for F-4 and F-16 warplanes has been completed,” he told Anadolu Agency.      

Based on the Mark 84 bomb, the device can destroy underground ammunition and fuel dumps as well as structures such as dams and bridges, in addition to systems such as missile batteries and radar antennae.