Turkey not to give up on rightful cause despite threats: Kalın

Turkey not to give up on rightful cause despite threats: Kalın

Turkey not to give up on rightful cause despite threats: Kalın

Turkey will not give up on its rightful cause despite sanction threats or condemnations on its ongoing anti-terror operation in northern Syria, the country's presidential spokesman said on Oct. 16.

"Neither sanction threats nor condemnations can deter us from our rightful cause," İbrahim Kalın told reporters at the presidential complex in Ankara.

Kalın stressed that Turkey would give a stronger response.    

Operation Peace Spring” will continue without slowing down until it reaches its aims, he said.

"It is time to put an end to the domination of YPG/PKK [terrorists] in Syria with regards to its territorial integrity, political unity and social balance," he added.

Kalın reiterated that Turkey is not eyeing Syria’s territory.

We are absolutely determined to clear east of Euphrates from terrorists as we did in Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch operations, he added.

"Neither Turkey nor Operation Peace Spring harmed the demographic structure there [in northern Syria]. YPG/PKK itself harmed the demographic structure," he added.

Referring to the latest developments in Syria’s Manbij, he said replacing the American flag with the Russian and YPG/PKK being under the control of another force is "unacceptable".

ISIL prisoners

More than 3,000 ISIL terrorists were neutralized, and thousands were arrested and deported within the scope of Operation Peace Spring, Kalın stressed.

Highlighting that YPG/PKK uses ISIL prisoners as blackmail against the West, he said that their release from prison is a concrete example.

On Oct. 13, thousands of ISIL terrorists, their families and other civilians -- who were held in the region – fled from the camp area when the YPG/PKK set a camp on fire in the Ayn Isa district in northern Syria.

Kalın also added that it is not acceptable to burden Turkey with the responsibility of ISIL prisoners in northern Syria.

Turkey has a natural right to ask to those who criticize the country for its Operation Peace Spring, the question of who released the ISIL elements and why were they released, he added.