Turkey facing increase in drug addiction: Experts

Turkey facing increase in drug addiction: Experts

ANKARA – Anadolu Agency
Turkey facing increase in drug addiction: Experts Turkey is facing the challenges of an increasing rate in the use of synthetic drugs, in what experts have cited “narco-terror” as the cause of it. 

The Global Research Thinking Center on Aug. 21, in a workshop at Ege University in the Aegean province of İzmir, said Turkey was facing the challenges of a burgeoning rate of synthetic drug use caused by “narco-terror,” indicating measures necessary to fight against drug addiction.        

The workshop concluded that “narco-terror” is considered a terrorist activity that is systematically “narcotizing” young people in the society and Turkey has become a target of these terrorist activities. 

“Drug addiction is a policy-shifting element used as a means to shape politics among countries,” the center said in a declaration, adding that Turkey was under a chemical terrorist attack via synthetic drugs.        

According to the declaration, there is a strong correlation between drug use and family structures, as drug usage is more common among children with divorced and divided families. 

Drugs, especially cannabis, have been common within socially, economically and ethnically isolated and discriminated societies.        

It suggested that society should become more aware of the dangers of drug addiction, adding that it should be brought as a significant issue to the country’s agenda.    

All kinds of media, adverts, marketing styles and tools that encourage children and young people to use drugs “must be strongly prohibited,” the declaration added.