Turkey appoints 15,000 new teachers

Turkey appoints 15,000 new teachers

Turkey appoints 15,000 new teachers

Turkey’s main focus will be increasing the quality of education, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on Jan. 31, while speaking at a ceremony where 15,000 new teachers were appointed.

What Turkey has experienced in recent years showed that the biggest threat posed against the country is the loss of new generations due to terror and marginal ideologies, he said at the nomination ceremony.

“We will further strengthen our education and training army with the participation of 15,000 new teachers to be appointed. Thus, we will gain a very serious advantage in the uninterrupted continuation of education services during the pandemic process,” he stated.

Erdoğan expressed determination to ensure that the education of the children is not interrupted.

“We make every effort to ensure that our teachers and students are not separated from each other and that our children are not alienated from the school environment. Despite the pandemic, we successfully completed the first semester of the 2021-2022 academic year,” Erdoğan stated.

The government kept the schools open with the efforts of teachers, the measures taken by parents, and the students’ compliance with the rules, he noted.

“Of course, we encountered some troubles, difficulties and even obstacles during this pandemic. We have been subjected to unfair, baseless and completely exaggerated criticisms from some circles, especially those who have no connection with the nation and its agenda,” he added.

“They tried to mislead our people by using social media with imaginary information,” but the state did not allow anyone, any barrier to come between children and their schools, he said.

Turkey has become one of the few states that can continue their education activities throughout the country without interruption despite the hardships caused by the pandemic, Erdoğan said.

“We got through this critical period together, by ensuring that all the stakeholders of education come together around the same goal, and by increasing the coordination,” Erdoğan said, noting that the government’s stance on face-to-face education was highly appreciated by the people.

“I believe that with your efforts, we will complete the second semester of our academic year without interruption,” Erdoğan added.