Turkey against 'cold war' in Middle East: Davutoğlu

Turkey against 'cold war' in Middle East: Davutoğlu

ANKARA - Anatolia News Agency
Turkey against cold war in Middle East: Davutoğlu

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Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said Turkey was against any polarization in the Middle East, as he prepared to hold talks in Iran amid increasing tension in the Persian Gulf.

"I want to clearly say that there are some who seek a regional cold war. We are determined to prevent it," Davutoğlu said during an interview with Anatolia News Agency. 

'Sectarian tension a suicide'

"A regional sectarian tension would be a suicide for the region," Davutoğlu said, noting that there was a risk of rising tension which would affect not only Iraq and Syria but the whole region.
"However, we are determined to prevent a regional cold war," he added.

Davutoğlu said he planned diplomatic trips to Russia and the U.S. within a month after his visit to Iran and he would hold meetings with officials from the EU and Gulf countries. He also said Turkey would host foreign ministers of several countries.

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