Tunisia seeks Turkish investors in 10 fields

Tunisia seeks Turkish investors in 10 fields

TUNIS – Anatolia News Agency
Tunisia is researching 10 different fields where Turkey can make investments in the country, particularly agriculture and marble, Nouraddin Zikri, the head the Tunisian Foreign Investment Promotion Agency, has told Anatolia news agency. 

An economy forum will be held this month in Tunisia on June 15 and 16. Some 30 institutions related to economy and finance from 35 countries are expected to be represented at the forum.

“[Issues such as] fighting against corruption and credible government will be on the agenda of the event,” said Tunisia Investment Minister Reza Bit-Tayb, adding that support of foreign investment in his country was important.

He said three foreign firms that have invested in Tunisia would be honored at the event. 

“The firms [which will be honored] should have one of these three qualifications. It should have been founded after the revolution in 2011, or, it should be a firm that has succeeded to survive despite facing many problems.” A firm that has developed its field of operation and increased employment from 2011 to 2012 will also be honored, he said.