Trump may be rethinking Shanahan's nomination: Report

Trump may be rethinking Shanahan's nomination: Report

WASHINGTON-Anadolu Agency
Trump may be rethinking Shanahans nomination: Report

U.S. President Donald Trump may be reevaluating his nomination for Secretary of Defense, a report by NBC News said on June 11, citing four sources familiar with the matter.

Trump announced in the first week of May that he would nominate acting Pentagon chief Patrick Shanahan to continue his position, but the White House has yet to submit the nomination to the Senate for approval.

During a visit to Normandy, France last week on the anniversary of D-Day, Trump asked three people if they had alternative suggestions for the position, and Army Secretary Mark Esper was discussed as a potential replacement for Shanahan, according to the NBC report.

One person close to Trump told the news agency that Shanahan "has no champion" and that "no one is fighting for him".

In previous instances, a delay in the time it takes for the White House to submit a formal nomination after Trump announces it has led to the end of that nominee's consideration for the position.

Such has been the case with Herman Cain, a former Trump rival who the president publicly announced was being nominated to serve on the Federal Reserve Board. Later, Trump revoked his decision.

Shanahan has been acting in the interim as the Pentagon's top official ever since former Defense Secretary James Mattis resigned in December over several disagreements with Trump, including his abrupt decision to withdraw U.S. forces from Syria.

Mattis had originally said his resignation would be effective in February, but angered by the retired Marine Corps general's critical resignation letter, Trump made it effective at the start of January.

Shanahan, 56, served as Boeing's top supply chain executive prior to joining the Department of Defense in 2017 as deputy defense secretary.