Triumphal Arch in Adana to get new facade

Triumphal Arch in Adana to get new facade

ADANA - Anadolu Agency
Triumphal Arch in Adana to get new facade

A gate in the ancient city of Anavarza, which was built by the Romans in the 3rd century B.C. after their triumph against the Persians and called it the Triumphal Arch, is being restored.

The 22.5-meter-wide and 10.5-meter-high arch, which is one of the biggest monumental city gates, is located in the southern province of Adana’s Kozan district. It will get its former glory after the restoration.

As part of the works, the fallen blocks will be restored and mounted again on the arch. The ancient city is on the tentative list for inclusion on UNESCO’s register of World Heritage sites and the restoration work is believed to contribute to the recognition of the ancient city in the world.
Adana Culture and Tourism Director Sabri Tari said Anavarza was an important ancient city with its magnificent arch, a 2,700-meter-long and 34-meter-wide colonnade street, theater, stadium and fortification wall.

Stating that the city was a popular spot for foreign and local tourists, Tari said environmental arrangements and cleaning works still continued in the ancient city.

“The work is set to be finished in the first quarter of next year. Then, visitors will be able to travel in time in the ancient city. With the support of the Culture and Tourism Ministry, the project for the Anavarza Castle was also finished. A tender for environmental regulation will be made soon. When people come here, they will be able to reach the Anavarza Castle easily. This is one of the places where the world of archaeology focuses on. I hope we all share this place in the near future with Turkey and the world,” he said.

Tari said the Triumphal Arch was one of the three arches in the ancient city and guests were accepted to the city during the Roman era.
Tari said that following works on the Triumphal Arch, work to unearth the ancient theater there would start too, with preparations for promotional videos and brochures for Anavarza also continuing.