Travelling painters to meet in Istanbul

Travelling painters to meet in Istanbul

Travelling painters to meet in Istanbul A new digital exhibition titled “Picturesque Istanbul” will take art lovers on a very special trip to 200 years ago at the Istanbul Naval Museum on March 12. 

In the exhibition, the travelling painters of the 19th century, including Melling, Schranz, Allom, Bartlett, Lewis and Aivazovsky, bring Istanbul to life again on enormous screens through the use of “digital travel books.” The exhibition will be the first of its kind and it will be visited in groups for 35 minutes. 

The digital exhibition is directed by Bülent Özükan. The compositor and music director is Anjelika Akbar and art director is Murat Öneş. A team made up of digital restorers and animators has prepared the exhibition for more than a year. 

Paintings and gravures by world famous six painters, which can be found in museums and rare collections, will be reflected to the screen with Codex Art technics and a WATCHOUT system. Visitors will be able to see interesting details in these works. 

Travelling painters to meet in Istanbul

A 35-minute visual show 

The exhibition, which will start at the museum’s Barbaros Hall, will have six interactive screens for six different artists. Following this section, visitors will be invited to the Codex Art hall, featuring 4.5-meter-high by 60-meter-long surfaces. 

During the visual show, the 19th century scenery of Istanbul is accompanied by the music of the era for a period of 35 minutes. 

Bringing together the art of painting with music, the exhibition will host a performance by Akbar on Friday and Saturday nights between 7 and 10 p.m. 

Featuring English and Arabic subtitles, “Picturesque Istanbul” will run through May 22 and tickets are available at Biletix. 

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Travelling painters to meet in Istanbul