Tourists in Bodrum evacuated by boat amid fires

Tourists in Bodrum evacuated by boat amid fires

Tourists in Bodrum evacuated by boat amid fires

Wildfires filling the sky over Turkey’s world-renowned tourism spot of Bodrum, a district of the Aegean province of Muğla, with smoke over the weekend, have been brought under control 19 hours after meticulous efforts, the Agriculture and Forestry Ministry said on Aug. 1.

The fires in Bodrum had come as close as five meters to hotels from which tourists were evacuated immediately in scope of the rescue operations.

“Some 1,100 people were evacuated by some 20 boats. We brought the fires under control. With the help of the helicopters pouring water down on the forestlands, the fires will be put out soon,” said Ahmet Aras, the mayor of Bodrum, in a tweet on Aug. 1.

“The fires in Bodrum’s center are under control. The cooling process started,” Agriculture and Forestry Minister Bekir Pakdemirli wrote on Twitter late on Aug. 1.

Fires broke out in some forestlands in the Mazı neighborhood over the weekend, forcing hundreds to leave their houses for safety. The highway between Mazı and Mumcular was closed for a long time.

Some 500,000 square meters of land has been burnt in neighborhoods near the center of Bodrum, where some hotels stand.

“If there is no need, please do not go out and block traffic,” said Aras in a tweet.